The beginning- A Plan!

(Charlie sporting his bridle for riding. Charlie is a five year old large standard donkey who has been training to ride and pack and will be going with us on our Donkeytrek.)

It all started six years ago. I was about to graduate college when I saw an older gentleman drive into town with his three Soffolk Punch Draft horses. Lee the Horselogger. I almost quit school to go on the road with him. Though I knew it wouldn’t be a romantic experience, the idea of just riding my horse away from the stress of college life was extremely appealing, as was the alternate lifestyle Lee demonstrated.

Now, the urge to trek, to be on the road, to meet new people and see new places at the speed of a donkey’s walk, it cannot be denied. It is time.  My husband and I will be taking our three large donkeys on our Donkeytrek.  We will be walking in order to have the longears only pack our gear. We have until Spring 2015 to get our gear, or packs, our plan together. We also need to spend the time training our animals by walking them in congested traffic areas and tying them to novel objects. Also, training them to highline together.

I will be updating this blog with photos, training progress, and notes on where we will be trekking. Stay tuned for updates!


4 thoughts on “The beginning- A Plan!

  1. Kudos to you for planning to do this! I’m envious! 😊 I hope that you’ll have a blog during your travels so we can all follow you.
    This reminds me of the trek across the U.S. taken by Bernie Harbits. He went on his mule Woody and with pack pony Magnolia. He’s at
    I also read his book “Too Proud to Ride a Cow,” about the trip, east to west.
    He also drove a wagon with two mules, I believe from Canada to Mexico. Loved hearing about his adventures and the kindness of strangers. I look forward to hearing your adventures as well!


  2. I am coming lately to your blog, have been withdrawn more in the past six months, in a life transition myself. I traveled by donkey hoof beats with my small children in the 1970s…around our community to visit and get the mail and groceries…and loved that so well. Then life got busy and adventurous in larger ways and no complaints…but two years ago I bought three large donkeys as the first step to a retirement life of traveling at donkey hoof beats in the milder temperatures (I’ll put the car on the road in winter…I am up north). I might have traveled cross country if I had started twenty years ago…I thought of it. But I was busy cowgirling on ranches large and small and packing into wilderness camps in the northern rockies for outfitters and nursing in quieter times…the adventures great. Now it is time to slow down and travel locally once again for mail and groceries and visiting.

    Your young and your adventure sounds marvelous. I am just reading this first blog now and will follow up the blog and catch up. I wish you, your husband and your donkeys a most wonderful adventure and am pleased to be able to follow along on your blog here.


    1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us! We love to hear about people who have travelled with their equines, especially donkeys! It sounds like you have had wonderful adventures and that there are more adventures in your future with your three beautiful donkeys! I, too have spent some time guiding in the Rockies and it was amazing. I feel as if donkeys make sure that you slow down to their time and pace, helping us to relax in a hectic world.


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