Bray In The New Year!

Happy New Year to you and your families, both human and four-legged!!


Down here in SW Colorado, the temperatures have been frigid, dropping significantly below freezing. Tilly is wearing her heavy duty blanket even with her tough and fluffy winter coat, as she is elderly and doesn’t chew nor digest food the way she needs to to keep her body temperature up.

Raymond, being a young mammoth, is fluffy and frisky. He and Charlie have been playing bite and tag. They both show battle scars and wounds on their necks from such rough play. At first I would wash and treat each wound, but over time the wounds have become less severe during play. Just like two young human boys, Charlie and Raymond just play rough and dirty and get scraped up!!


Since I haven’t introduced her yet, this is Oz Kitten. She is the Wise Ass Acres barn cat. Well, we adopted her from the Cortez Animal Shelter to be a barn cat. However she mostly likes being in the house and getting let in and out like the dog, especially in wintertime. In the summer she hunts and climbs trees and does whatever other mysterious things cats do- probably naps!


Our other Creature at Wise ass Acres is the dog, Charles. He is five years old and acts about 1. He is named after Wolf’s grandfather, Charles serves as Wolf’s other therapy animal.



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