Donkeys for Donations!

Since I have been having trouble getting folks to donate toward DONKEYTREK on our GoFundMe page, I decided to make it a bit more appealing and approachable! I decided to do Donkeys for Donations, a THIS WEEK ONLY deal, where in appreciation for a donation of $10 per animal I will draw folks’ donkeys, mules, or horses in cartoon fashion. This has really been successful and we are on our way finally raising some funds to help with our mission! It has also been fun for me to draw and doodle donkeys, mules, and horses! I have done pet portraiture as a business before and the time and effort that goes in to doing full out portraiture precludes it from being an easy task for raising funds. This has already been fun and seems to be working well! You will have to excuse the darkness of the camera does not take good pictures of artwork!

This Donkey Doodle, done of a BIG mammoth donkey gelding Gonzo, was one of the most fun to draw so far. His owner, Veronica Baldock, was really happy about it and told me this (which made me tear up a little!):

“I honestly teared up when I saw the portrait of my best friend [Gonzo]. He has been with me through my house burning down, heartbreak, and my struggle with depression. This donkey is the only thing that keeps me motivated to live life to the fullest. Thank you for this amazing gift that will always be with me for the rest of my life.”



Some of the other fabulous equines I have so far doodled (Click on the picture to enlarge!):

10904444_10204575587004462_3382773378955158892_o 10898153_10204592800314784_5562637800223101362_n 10888470_10204550027365487_2818227773761302562_n 10636015_10204592797234707_5683043510149232622_n 10520826_10204592797194706_2842058357554625827_o 10421171_10204541211825104_1435875728381149682_n 10174834_10204592800194781_6754810508017201333_n


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