Three Amigos


The last time we attempted letting all three Big Uns out together it was chaos! We had let everyone out, including Tilly, which was a mistake.  Raymond must have sensed a weakness in little old Grandma Tills, and went after her like a shark after bait! Poor Darlin spent the entire time (before we got them separated and caught) defending Tilly against the onslaught of hooves and teeth.  Charlie ran around everyone, keeping them riled up!

From then on out, we have had Darlin and Tilly in one paddock and Charlie and Raymond in another. This was a good idea because when Darlin went into heat, it made the boys WILD.  Charlie even jumped a fence in order to be with her, but managed to mangle up his underbits in the process (which has since healed completely…not sure about his pride).  We have decided to put Darlin on Regumate for the trek, which is a hormone supplement that will keep her from ovulating while she is on it. This will keep everyone a bit happier while we are on the road, especially me!!! Even though our males are castrated, they still act studly when given a reason.

Today was the first day we let Darlin, Raymond, and Charlie out together. Tilly stayed in and got extra hay to keep her busy. After some time settling in and eyeing each other while chewing on grass, they started running and bucking around, figuring out who was going to be a leader in the field. Donkeys’ hierarchies aren’t always black and white with a  clear leader and followers. It is dependent on the situation. Aftera  bit of running and bucking, everyone settled down again and we brought them in to their separate paddocks once more.  Since Darlin needs to be a part of the herd with the boys for the summer, it is imperative that they work out their relationships now.

Darlin and Raymond eating next to each other:


All three out together peacefully. Can you spot Darlin?



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