Trimming the Toes


As I have mentioned before, donkeys’ hooves need just as much attention as horses’ hooves! So we had our farrier out to get everyone trimmed and balanced. We made the decision that Tilly, although she is slightly long, should wait as the ground has been freezing hard and she has sensitive feet. The extra hoof wall can help protect her soles from the ground.


The other three Big Uns needed trimmed. We had been practicing with everyone just to make sure the farrier would want to come back next time! Once you find a good farrier, hold onto him or her! Practicing lifting hooves can really go a long ways towards gaining your farrier’s respect.

Darlin did a good job…but made her displeasure evident!


Charlie was his usual cantankerous self. He stands still for me but not for anyone else. Sigh….


And Raymond, who had had quite a bit of difficulty last time, was much better this time around!! Wolf has been working on lifting his feet quite a bit. The only thing Raymond was uncomfortable with was the amount of time it took to get done. By the last hoof he was irritable. He also is afraid of the hoof stand. We shall need to find an old one to practice with!

Here is proof that the farrier is still in one piece and SMILING after trimming Raymond:


We hope that each of our donkeys gets better with each trim. They are by no means awful, but being donkeys they certainly make their displeasure known! It is very important to work with them as much as we can in order to make them pleasurable to trim so that farriers will be happy to work with them.


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