Maiden Voyage down the HIGHWAY


Above: All four of us after our maiden voyage down the highway. IFA in Cortez graciously let us park in their lot and gave the donkeys treats when we came back. Good people at IFA!

Below: Darlin sporting our new pack saddle, Arizona Cinch, and other gear. No pack bags yet.


At least part of our trek is going to involve highways.  Now, semis and equines don’t mix well.  So the donkeys are having to get desensitized to trucks, cars, beeping etc.

Since Charlie is our most experienced donkey, he has been going out with each of the others to be a good example.  He has never been on a  busy highway like old Route 666 (renamed….however everyone here knows it as the Devil’s Highway!). I was very impressed with his behavior….frankly he was bored!

Here is Wolf and Charlie at the end of our walk in the IFA parking lot:


Darlin is fairly high energy and easily frightened.  So this was a pretty big experience for her. She got exposed to trucks, cars, semis, and motorcycles going 70 mph past her about ten feet away! She was also exposed to a scary skateboarder, horses running up to us, dogs rushing at fences, beeping cars, and to top it off, she was wearing her new pack saddle and gear!! The only thing that really frightened her was the horses running up to us and the skateboarder. I am very proud of her!



2 thoughts on “Maiden Voyage down the HIGHWAY

  1. I have one who is like Darlin’ and it does not take much to set him off. Good thing you have a steady-eddy Charley donkey… he is really going to be a big help! Keep up the fun times! Hugs from Teamdonk.

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