All three down the highway


Our good friend Jade helped us out immensely by walking Charlie with us so that all three DonkeyTrek donkeys could go down the highway at the same time. This also allowed us to see who worked best behind whom before we hitch one donkey to another.  I thought Darlin would do best behind Charlie, however, She seems best by herself and Raymond seems happy behind Charlie. Charlie can not be behind anyone as he gets grumpy.

All three donkeys were exposed to semi trucks honking their horns at us, a motorcycle beeping, an ambulance with sirens (not next to us but up ahead of us), people crowding them at stores along the highway, and going through an intersection on the crosswalk. A great training day!!!

Darlin didn’t make me pee my pants! She was pretty high energy at first and we worked on the issue of her pulling me down the back road before hitting the highway. By the time we were on the highway she was calm on a  loose rope. Good girl!


We stopped by Habitat for Humanity and everyone came out to greet us.  This older lady was so sweet and LOVED the donkeys:


Next on our training schedule: more highway and in town training and perhaps….very soon…hitching Raymond to Charlie!



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