High Line Training and Other Things


Above: Charlie stands on the high line while my cat Oz photobombs us! Love this picture…


High lining is a term used for securing your livestock in the back country on a high tension line strung between two trees. Since it is a little different than tying conventionally, we are getting the donkeys used to it beforehand. We have a high line strung with enough room for one animal in our front yard, and have been tying the donkeys there for an hour or so at a time. Soon it will be two hours, then three…etc etc until they can go all night tied.  Experienced backcountry folk: before you get upset by my rope halter, remember they are in training and supervised at this point. Yes, we will need web breakaway halters for real high lining! (If I can find one big enough for Charlie’s HONKIN huge head).

So far, the Charlie and Raymond have done well, testing their limits on occasion and leaning on the rope to see if they can get free.  Darlin has done high lining before where she was raised in Montana, so she will practice as well, but not as much as the others.

Below: Raymond’s first time on the high line was uneventful:


Other Things:

It has been raining for three days straight and the donkeys have been cooped up in their dry (or muddy) lots under their shelter. This evening the rain finally ceased. They were ready to rock and roll!

I think Darlin ate a jackrabbit:


Also, Wolf found online a woman selling this Weatherbeeta coat for a steal.  It is a bit big on Raymond but should fit Charlie or Darlin.  It is perfect as it is really only a rain coat (no fill) and can be used on DonkeyTrek should it be a rainy night.  Donkeys, unlike horses, do not shed water off of their coats well, and tend to get soaked in the rain.  Saddling a soaking wet donkey in the morning is a miserable experience for the donkey.

Raymond modeling the coat:




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