Hitching ’em up and more high lining

Since I have a bad cold today and am missing out on training on a beautiful day, I decided it was time to hitch Raymond to Charlie and see how it goes.10858620_10204763204254776_3631594131030469994_n

Well, the good news is, he will follow Charlie, and the bad news is, he does so very slowly and pulls on poor Charlie the whole time.  I think I will need to follow behind at first with a lunge whip or buggy whip just to encourage him to keep up and not pull off Charlie’s pack saddle!! Charlie will NOT go behind. He lags badly and he gets bored and chews his rope, then he will decide to jump on the donkey in front.  Not good. His strength is as a leader, and I don’t want him spoiled by a pulling donkey behind.  I might try Darlin behind him, but with her being the spooky one, I want her by herself if I can do it. I guess next time we do this I will see if I can encourage Raymond from behind!

We also did some high line training again today.  The boys got to eat their lunch on the high line after practicing being hitched.


And then I left Charlie on the high line and put Darlin with him, just to see how they would do.  Darlin has been high lined a lot in her past so I knew it would be no big deal for her.  Just good to practice anyhow.


And just to remind myself, as well as all of you who might need words of inspiration:




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