So very excited because our panniers from Mountain Ridge Gear ( are here!!!! These panniers are handmade by a family here in Colorado and Eric, who runs Mountain Ridge Gear, is a veteran. So we are very happy to support his business and pass along the word about his wonderful product.  These panniers are made specifically to get in from the ground if you are hiking alongside your animal.

Here is Darlin getting used to the brightly colored panniers. These are the “hunting” panniers so they are bright and visible, which we will need if we are travelling down the road!


Eric runs a Facebook site as well called Original ATV. He gave us some stickers in our package.  I placed one on the pack saddle but the saddle’s plastic is too slick! So I will save it for later. But I took a photo first!


Super excited to really load these panniers up and use them. Eric does weight and stress tests on his gear and they can hold A LOT!

If you are in the market for a great, sturdy, well designed pannier, please contact Eric at  We will have more photos of his gear and what it can do later!



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