Picket Line Training

In order to allow our donkeys to graze while trekking, they must either be hobbled (and I KNOW they can get up to a good clip in hobbles) or picket lined while grazing. Picketing involves getting your donkey used to having a single hobble on one front leg attached to a rope that is then picketed to the ground by a stake with a swivel on top. Remember several posts ago when I trained all three to be led by all of their legs with a cotton rope? Well here is the result! Donkeys that don’t get worried when their leg is attached to a rope. Not that they didn’t test their picket lines, but generally there wasn’t much stress involved.

Raymond got a verbal lesson as well from Wolf, who thought maybe explaining the situation would help. Although most animals cannot understand our words, they understand our meaning.


Here Raymond is enjoying some lunch spread around his picketing area:


And Charlie, who last year when we attempted this, DUG OUT his stake…. (just to show us how dumb humans can be and how intelligent longears are):


Darlin was more concerned about getting a mouthful than the rope, although she looked up from eating a few times at me with an exasperated expression as if to say “is this really necessary?”


All three donkeys will of course get more training sessions on the picket line and in different locations. For today, their attitudes were awesome!


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