The Lineup


We are very excited because today was the first time we had all three donkeys out in downtown Mancos with just the two of us, like it will be on the trek.  Also, we had all of our pack gear and riding saddle, so that we could see how they would do with all of our equipment. They did FANTASTIC! I am so proud of the boys, Raymond and Charlie, who were hitched to each other and had no kicking, pulling, or other such nonsense.  Darlin, too, did great and seems to be best suited to take up the rear, where I can also keep a watchful eye on Wolf and the boys from the back.

It was a blustery gray day and we were concerned that the donkeys may be too energetic to settle into a line, however they did so nicely and behaved very well (except for Charlie attempting to untie Raymond at the grocery store-see below).

You may click on any photos for a close up view!11008482_10204853870801383_7066503753171532240_n

The donkeys walked through downtown Mancos and to the P and D grocery store where we tied them up at the hitching rail. Here Wolf is checking out the panniers to make sure everything is working correctly:


Raymond following on a LOOSE lead while hitched to Charlie in front. Wolf leading them down a back road before hitting the highway:


Darlin looking smashing in her new panniers:


And last but not least, little ol me in the back (when the sun came out for a split second):




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