Training in Cortez

Today we had a bit of time and it was a beautiful day so we took all three donkeys to Cortez and had a good training session. The donkeys were exposed to traffic light crosswalks, vehicles beeping, and lots of interested people who stopped us to chat. This was hard for Mr. Charles as he is impatient and doesn’t like standing around unless he is tired.

Here is Wolf, Charlie, and Raymond walking down Montezuma Ave:


We stopped by the new Veteran’s Advocacy Center in Cortez too, and got to meet the nice ladies (who are also veterans) who run it. They were supportive and friendly folks! Definitely want to stop by there again.


And here Wolf is mailing off some letters….with his “donkey express” team!




2 thoughts on “Training in Cortez

  1. You needed my photos of the elves for your blog, today. They sure had fun with your donkeys. I sent my blog with photos to Germany…
    I can send them to you, if you send me your email address…
    Carol Taylor


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