German Elves and Stencils

When we were training in Cortez this week, a nice lady named Carol asked if she might photograph her wooden German elves riding Darlin. Much like the travelling gnome, her elves go to new and interesting places and she photographs them. So she caught up with us on Montezuma Ave and got them all to sit up on Darlin’s pack!


Today, I also accomplished the stenciling I wanted to get done on our panniers from Mountain Ridge Gear. Not only do I want to advertise who we are, but also deter thieves! So now all of our panniers sport DONKEYTREK loudly!



3 thoughts on “German Elves and Stencils

  1. Fun to see the elves photos. I have more and would like to get them to you. Can you send me an email address…I tried the phone number you gave me, but obviously remembered it wrong, since it did t go through,
    Barb Headley sent me the link to the elves. Carol Taylor
    560-0136 cell
    565-2040 hm,


    1. Thanks for your comment…the red headed mop head, Yodel, arrived from Germany several weeks ago, and wants to be a cowboy. We are waiting for
      The cowboy horse elf to get here, next week. But I like your cowelf..
      The elves tried riding goats, but liked the donkey ride much better.


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