Disappointments and Good News

So, bad news and good news for DonkeyTrek. Bad news is: Darlin has a foot infection that will be a lifelong issue, and will have to be recuperating for a while, making it so she cannot go with us on DonkeyTrek. All that time and energy training her…all gone. We will see what the vet and farrier say in a  week when they look at her but it appears that she has an issue where her hoof will never grow correctly and she may or may not stay sound on the trek.  In either case, her hoof needs to heal so she shouldn’t be walking on concrete at all.

GOOD news: We found a wonderful woman who is willing to board Darlin for us while we trek, and also is sending us a young mammoth donkey named Pippa, who will take Darlin’s place! Pippa is special because she is the daughter of a mammoth donkey I used to own named Lass. Lass had terrible allergies where we live so I had to give her up in order for her life to be better. Pippa is a little piece of Lass I can keep. So she is very special to me. She isn’t old enough nor big enough to really carry as much as Darlin, but she can take the riding saddle and some bags to lighten the load for the boys! She is trained to ride and drive, but has never packed nor been on a picket line nor high lined. So we have exactly two months to get er all done!!! Wish us luck!

Here is Pippa, a picture from two years ago:



3 thoughts on “Disappointments and Good News

  1. I’d really be interested in hearing more about Darlin’s hoof issue. I do a lot of farrier work and I can’t imagine a bacterial infection that would cause permanent damage unless it involves the bone, but if that happens they generally require surgery just to survive. I’m just wondering what could be going on in there that the vet thinks it can never heal. I have a young donkey who has a chronic hoof issue caused by a bone infection. He spent two weeks at Cornell and nearly died so I am very interested in all things hoof related.

    Congratulations on finding Pippa, she sounds and looks wonderful.


    1. It appears that there was an original abscess and the coronet is like proud flesh now, always growing bad hoof in that spot, never healing, and raised far above the rest of the coronet.


  2. So sorry to hear about Sweet Darlin’s hoof issue. Donkey foot issues are ongoing in our family so I know what your feeling. It sounds like she is going to have a wonderful place to stay while your away on your adventure of a life time… Pippa is as cute as a button. I love pink donkeys… Two months away and having to train her is a lot to add to your plate. I have no doubt that she will be more then ready to join the gang… Love the update….Jamie


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