Newsworthy Venture


Above: Raymond and Charlie show their displeasure at the wind and snow in downtown Cortez.

Today, since Darlin is still stallbound and no longer coming on DonkeyTrek, we brought Charlie and Raymond into Cortez for a short walk.  Charlie had yet to wear the panniers so today he was exposed to them. We didn’t hitch the two donkeys together today, just walked them separately.

While Wolf was tacking them up, I went into the Cortez Journal, our local newspaper building, which happens to be very close to where we usually park and unload the donkeys.  I asked if any reporters might be interested in doing a story on us and DonkeyTrek.  They were very interested and came out to interview us, take photos of the donkeys, and ask questions about Wolf and his relationship with Raymond and his PTSD from his time in Iraq.  They said the story would definitely make the paper, so we are going to be on the lookout for the article! Very exciting for DonkeyTrek!

Then we headed down the road with high energy donkeys in tow (Charlie was very excited due to the extreme weather shifts and wind).  We stopped by our Chiropractor’s office but he was with patients, so we took photos and then were on our way.



On our way back to the trailer, we were stopped several times by interested folks–those panniers sure catch everyone’s eye-and I gave them our new business cards! Yay I remembered to bring them today!

These two nice ladies at Safeway were nice enough to let me take a photo of them and Wolf and Raymond:


We are now anxiously watching the weather and hoping that Pippa can come down here soon to live with us and start training for DonkeyTrek! Let’s cross our fingers!


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