Ice Cream leads to Begging


Today we brought Darlin along too to see if her newly farriered hoof could withstand the concrete jungle.  So far so good!

We took all three donkeys downtown Cortez and walked through the busiest part of downtown.  All three donkeys did great although Darlin was a bit upset by a motorcycle and one person swerving quickly behind her in a car. The donkeys especially aren’t fond of passing car washes in operation–perhaps afraid we will give them a bath!

When we got to Pizza Hut/Dairy Queen parking lot we were hailed by employees wanting photos, so we stopped and got free ice cream cones at their drive-through (the donkeys got them too and thoroughly enjoy them!).


DQ drive through:


The cones led to lots of begging….since I took longer to finish mine not having been in the military nor having a HUGE mouth:

ice crea11008065_10153852897250200_4863550011100137601_n

We also hung out at the J Fargo’s parking lot and chatted with one of the owners about our trek.  A nice lady also gave us information about herbal supplements that had worked for her dog.

You can see here I am stuffing my face before Charlie and Darlin eat my ice cream!!!



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