Pippa has Arrived!!!


Pippa, an almost four year old double registered mammoth jennet, has joined our herd! She was given to us by a VERY generous friend. She is the daughter of Lass, a donkey I used to have, who had severe allergies here and needed to move up north.  The woman who owned Pippa offered to take Lass, and so we gave Lass to her last year. I was devastated as Lass and I were very bonded.  She offered Pippa to us after hearing about how bad Darlin’s hoof issue appeared to be. Our friend also told us it was her way of giving back a little of Lass, since I missed her so much. How thoughtful!

 Whether Darlin can trek or not, we were allowed to take home Pippa, and we are very grateful! We are excited as Pippa has already been shown in hand, is green broke to drive, and has had a couple of rides by children and very light adults on the trail. She is calm and level headed, and looks just like a small version of Darlin!

Here are some more photos:




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