Pippa Training Day 1 and 2 + Bicycles


Charlie is quintessentially bored with being a babysitter!

We have now taken Pippa out twice-once earlier this week in Mancos, where she met school busses, kids, got tied at the grocery store, heard airbrakes on a semi, went through the one and only light/crosswalk, and walked over a scary slatted bridge.

Scary Bridge:



Our second day, today, we brought her to downtown Cortez, which has a lot more traffic to be exposed to.  Pippa was nervous and very alert at first, spooking several times at objects that blew around (it was very windy out).  However, soon she settled and we walked not only Montezuma Ave, but also main st Cortez, right on 160! So Pippa actually got to walk IN traffic, went through crosswalks and lights, met a shopping cart at the City Market, met all sorts of blowing bags and even a big weed sprayer (which was a MONSTER). Once Charlie and Raymond walked past the weed sprayer she went by just fine.

Pippa likes being in the lead:


Very alert at the beginning, watching cars:


Also, just because he is afraid of bicycles, when I did some training with a client donkey on Tuesday, Raymond came out to Phil’s World bicycle trails and we enlisted some folks to ride their bikes around him slowly in the parking lot to desensitize him. He was ok so long as they didn’t come very close.  We will need to expose him to more bicycles soon, but this was a great start!



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