Hey there, Wolf here. Today I trained Raymond and had a wonderful experience as you all know I have extreme PTSD and TBI so it’s hard for me to stay in the present and barely the here and now, because I’ll forget it in a couple of minutes, in fact I’ve forgotten most things.  The exception is the Army and my time in it, but today I created a memory that I know I’ll hang on to. My wife recently did a clinic with Dennis Brazeael, who is a clinician from New Mexico. After a wonderful experience like that she decided to do the same with the donkeys. After watchin her train Charlie and Pippa I decided its time PFC Raymond gets some training too.

So Raymond and I had a lesson and it was wonderful, we worked on come and whoa. In the past I learned a bit about horses but I learned the Lakotah way and use both hand and audio signals to train. Raymond responded wonderfully, and we worked on backing up , front left and front right same with hind end both directions.

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Training Raymond felt the same to me as D/C in basic or drill and ceremony as its called to civilians, I found that I was in the moment and in the now, something that I never have I didn’t have a sudden reality check dragging me to the present like I came out of a dream this was pure in the moment. To top it off we added a saddle to my Raymond and taught him to give his head and bend. The best was saved for last as we decided to try getting on not all the way in the riding position but actually getting on him and I got that excited feeling of pure joy that I’m now “on my ass”, pun intended.–WOLF KARNEFFEL


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