Today Raymond and Charlie got freeze branded. Branding is the best way to prevent theft. Microchips are great and all but no one can see them, and most vet offices don’t even have a microchip reader. So since we have no brand of our own, and Colorado laws are very very strict regarding brands, we ended up leasing a brand from a very nice woman who supports DonkeyTrek! She sent us the iron and we got everything legally documented. So today the boys went to the vet and got happy drugs to make them sleepy while we marked their little bottoms. It didn’t seem to cause any pain, even afterwards when they woke up.

Charlie in the stocks after having his patch clipped and ready to be branded:


The freeze brand right after application:


To show Raymond how he would have to be brave like a soldier for his brand, Wolf let him wear his army cap:


Wolf and Raymond getting ready for his brand:


Pippa already has a brand, so we didn’t re-brand her. Instead we shaved that area so it could be seen clearly:

brand 3


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