Sirens and Sensibility


Above: Raymond looking dashing in his new panniers from Mountain Ridge Gear!

Below: Getting all three decked out in gear to train:


Darlin (who we are trying out to see if her hoof can hold up to the trek), Charlie, and Raymond went out on Tuesday and walked from downtown Cortez, down the highway, back home. We started out near Notah-Dineh and walked 160 down to our house. It was about four miles total. The donkeys did great, and we were passed by FOUR emergency vehicles, including a fire engine, all with lights flashing and sirens going full blast. This was one of my fears–how the donkeys would react to sirens and lights.  The first time, Darlin got a little worried but the boys did well. After that, they only raised their heads slightly when the police went by.  THAT can now be scratched off the list of things to expose the donkeys!

Below, Charlie and Raymond unimpressed with a fire engine going full blast past them from behind:


Below, Darlin and the boys enjoying a snack of tall lush grass on the side of the road:


On our way home down our street:



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