Almost there!

I apologize for not posting for a while. We have been very busy finishing up work, getting last details taken care of, and getting our packs settled and weighed.  We plan to leave the 21st…so this coming Thursday!!! Starting out in Grand Junction.

One detail we need to take care of is getting transport for us and the donkeys from Howard CO to Canyon City, as there is no shoulder on that road, and it very dangerous. Our other difficulty will be WATER when we hit I 25.  No water along that road at all. Any ideas? We cannot carry enough.

Here are some of the many things that have been keeping us busy!

We got lucky in that we were able to attend a packing clinic last weekend! Learned some knots we didn’t know, some tips and tricks to help us out, and exposed our donkeys to the indoor arena and new sights/smells. Darlin somehow injured her hind leg around this time, so we shall see if she can go on the Trek after all.  She seems better than she was before, but we are holding our breath.  See Raymond and Darlin in a string below:



Also, we are excited to be leaving in Burro Awareness Month!


DonkeyTrek donkeys got pedicures:


Laying out gear….and making our living room very messy!



And, of course, kissing ASS!!!



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