We need your help!!!

DonkeyTrek Needing Help on Journey:

DonkeyTrek 2015:Trekking for Troops is an advocacy trip to raise awareness of donkeys and Veteran soldiers with PTSD. We will be starting the 21st of May in Grand Junction, Colorado, and walking with our three donkeys down Hwy 50 to I25, the I25 South to Hwy 160 West. There are several spots that will be impassable without help.

The first spot is:
The small town of Cotopaxi on HWY 50: the winding turns are too dangerous for us to try and take with donkeys. Too many cars and trucks making fast turns is a sure recipe for death of some kind, if we can get picked up in Cotopaxi and dropped off either at the Royal Gorge or Canon City it would be a blessing. Our approximate arrival dates in this area will be between 13th-15th of June. We absolutely need to trailer the donkeys over this small stretch of road. We could even trailer two at a time and come back for the other later in the day if need be. But we cannot traverse this section.

The next spot of trouble is:
Pueblo to Walsenburg which is about 284 miles into the trek ,around the 22nd-24th of June. We will NOT have access to water along this stretch of road. Either we need to have someone meet us every other day or so to bring us water, or if we can be trailered down this stretch of highway we sure would be saving ourselves a lot of dry days and thirsty donkeys.

These dates are dependent upon whether or not we take any more days of rest or stop at towns to lecture or stay as guest. So the dates vary by about 4 days, Barring any unforeseen circumstances.11008482_10204853870801383_7066503753171532240_n


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