Dry…er….Wet Run!!!


Tomorrow DonkeyTrek officially begins!!! We will be dropped off by my awesome friend Alyssa near Grand Junction to start our two month long journey!

We got in a very wet dry/trail run yesterday.  It was muddy as heck and rained, thundered, snowed, and hailed on us.  We evidently missed a small funnel cloud nearby. Glad of that! The animals did well for the most part. The ground was so boggy and muddy that their stakes wouldn’t stay in well, so we were kind of chasing hungry donkeys during their mealtimes.  Also, we found out our tent is not waterproof…imagine that! So we ended up switching tents for the trek, and also waterproofed the newer one.  The equipment stayed dry in our equipment tent….sigh.  The donkeys did well on the highline, despite Charlie pawing at a rock all night. At least we knew Mr. Escape Artist hadn’t abandoned us.  He would have liked to! Charlie is the only donkey who so far will drink out of the bucket…hopefully the others will catch on!



Wish us luck!!!


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