We are now at the fairgrounds in Montrose after having camped in Dominguez and Escalante Canyons and stayed with friends at Dry Creek Ranch. Charlie had to go.home as he went three legged lame. Trying to go on with two donkeys. Darlin has a cut on her heel. Met some gokd folks including a farrier who reset their failing shoes for free and a old veteran who hung out with us and shared stories and whiskey.


3 thoughts on “Montrose

  1. So special to meet you on the road in Montrose. It made Memorial Day that much more meaningful. We wish you safe travels and thank you for dedicating your lives to help heal others both four legged and those born with two.
    Sheri and Bill Crittendon…. also a Vet.
    I have some good photos for you but I do not facebook.


  2. As you proceed I KNOW people will step up to the plate and be there for you and your asses [ yes, a pun ]. We are praying for a successful AND safe trip. Keep posting & many will respond.


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