Lives touched and saved…..

Right now, DonkeyTrek has landed back home, due to Darlin’s old hoof injury coming back to haunt her.  We are awaiting a vet visit to see if she can continue, even if it is by trailering from town to town, to complete our mission.  It is disappointing and frustrating. However, DonkeyTrek is too important a mission to give up! Here is why:

Wolf: Donkey trek has touched two lives so far. The first Larry a former navy seal that has decided to get his life together after Raymond saved his life after attempted suicide, he is moving to the Pacific northwest to get work and live with his sister. The other an 81 yr old woman named Adeline a wonderful artist that suffered the loss of a daughter and home who decided that she had to come meet the donkeys she remarked at Raymonds beauty and how she would love to have Darlin her eyes lit up like stars.

Larry and Darlin:



Adeline and Raymond:


Other lives touched by DonkeyTrek, and lives that have affected us deeply. People who have delighted us with their generosity, faith, spirit, and soul:

The Perrys, who hosted us for a night and let us play with their three day old foal:


Kelly, a wrangler where we stayed at Deb’s Livery:


Some River rafters learning about donkeys:




Ray donated jerky and toothpicks to troops in Iraq….and Wolf remembers these donations sustaining him through missions!



The members/volunteers of the Veteran’s Center in Montrose on Memorial Day:


Yogi Bear tm and Raymond:



The Alfreds, who hosted us and impressed us with their faith:


A girl who wanted us to stay forever:



My coworker Phoebe and her daughter, who met up with us and gave us snack foods:


Folks in Ridgway who wanted to learn more about donkeys:


And this is why DonkeyTrek can not give up!!! Even if we have to continue by trailering to towns and walking the donkeys through the towns we come to in order to spread awareness of PTSD and alternatives to drugs and suicide….we must do our best to affect as many lives as we can!



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