DonkeyTrek Suspended

As of now, DonkeyTrek is suspended indefinitely. We started out again, but our donkeys were attacked by a pittbull while they were penned up for the night. They both almost got disemboweled, as well as had multiple lacerations around their tendons and joints of their legs and muzzles. Fortunately, they seem to be getting better and are healing, with the help of two very good veterinarians. The people involved that were hurt attempting to save the donkeys and dog are healing as well. It is a terrible tragedy and a blow to us and our animals. We are not sure if DonkeyTrek will happen again. For now we are all just healing and getting over the trauma of the pittbull attack. Darlin and Raymond are full of punctures and needed stitches. They are on antibiotics and have had the best care possible since the attack. Thank you to everyone who has helped us, both financially and physically along the way. We couldn’t have done the good we managed to do without YOU. Larry may have never decided to live, and turn his life around. As I said before, if we save one, just ONE life, DonkeyTrek has succeeded. I wish we could have done more for more people. Now we give out healing prayers for both of the people who were involved in the pittbull attack and for Raymond and Darlin, who are healing.


2 thoughts on “DonkeyTrek Suspended

  1. That is such a sad thing to have happened…my heart goes out to Raymond and Darlin and the people who were hurt trying to stop the attack…heart breaking for you I feel sure. May you all heal well, physically and emotionally from this tragedy, and let life lead you to new joys down your personal trails. Thanks so much fore your efforts and successes and for sharing it with us as you proceeded. Do please give us updates as you heal. Hugs


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