New beginnings!

We have some good news to share out here at Wise Ass Acres. Not only are Pippa and Raymond doing great under saddle, but we have a new rescue donkey!

Pippa is working on her walk/trot transitions under saddle:


And Raymond has had his fourth ride so far. He is being such a good boy!


Now, to introduce Dinah! Dinah is a nine year old BIG mammoth jennet. She is at least 15.1 hands high. She is draft sized in her stature. She fits into my old draft mare’s halter easily. Dinah was a save from craigslist. She came to Colorado last year as a breeding donkey, but she slipped her foal, probably due to malnutrition. The reason we recognized her as at-risk was because her entire herd had been sold already, and she had  allow price. She also had a bad injury to her knee, which caused her knee to become very large and stay that way. When we got her home, it was apparent that her feet had also been terribly neglected, causing issues with the joints of her hocks. At nine, she has some serious arthritis. This plus her total lack of training and fear of humans handling her made her an easy target for a kill buyer at an auction house. So, she came here to be rehabbed and rehomed. At this point, it is pretty safe to say she is a permanent resident!


Dinah now lunges, leads fairly well, has worn a saddle multiple times, and has ground driven once. She can pick up all of her feet for the farrier and her terribly twisted feet are being cared for. It will take time before they get close to normal. Dinah seems sound on her knee, but off in her hind end. It causes a bit of stiffness. However, light exercise is great for arthritis. We plan to train her to pack and ride. She will not be doing DonkeyTrek activities anytime soon because she simply cannot tolerate long walks, or walking up and down hills. She is still scared of new people as well. Slowly, we are introducing her to new people and new situations. We are taking our time. Our hope is that she can ride and be packed on the flat at a walk only, and she might do well at educational events. She is a big animal with a gentle personality and a willingness to please. She is very very gentle if she is comfortable with the situation. In time, she should be as calm and sweet as our other mammoths!



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