Spring has sprung!


Big News!!! Wise Ass Acres, the home of DonkeyTrek, has moved!!! We are now located in Northern Colorado, near the Wyoming border.We relocated due to family illness, so that Rachel could be closer to her father. The DonkeyTrek donkeys have all made it safely up to their new home, and have settled in over the winter. They are enjoying their new barn, nice hay, and a bit of a break!

I know what you are all wondering….is DonkeyTrek going to continue? The answer is YES!

Raymond and Darlin have recovered FULLY from their wounds from the pittbull attack. Although they now despise dogs, they are doing great. There was a lot of healing, both emotionally and physically, and now they are good to go!

Our rough plan for this summer is to complete DonkeyTrek 2016: Trekking in the Wilderness! We are going off road, to explore the healing potential of nature. We may be asking another veteran or two to come with us and experience the healing power of donkeys. Although this may seem like we are giving up on our objective–to raise awareness through meeting individually with the public, we certainly are not! Although you might not see us on the road, you will be seeing us at public events in the area. Now that DonkeyTrek is up near larger metropolitan areas, we have the opportunity to attend big events with the DonkeyTrek donkeys and still spread the word of our mission!

Keep your eye out for more updates!


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