New and Improved

As of today the DonkeyTrek website has been updated! Finally! Took us long enough. That being said, it’s been a long year already, what with moving and starting our lives again in a new place. We decided to not do any actual trekking this year, due to having new jobs and settling into our new lives in Northern CO. However, our donkey training business is lifting off the ground, we did get to do a Donkey Demo Day at Tractor Supply, and we now have a Veteran, Dave, learning about training donkeys as an assistant! So, life is rolling along. We live closer to a VA clinic, which is nice for Wolf. We have rescued three equines this year already. Two have already gone to other homes-one, Ella, a beautiful dun mammoth jennet, went to a packing/riding home, and another, Gracie, a young filly, is being fostered by CHRN until she can find a permanent home. Dinah, our first rescue of the year, is still here at Foghorn Farm,and unless she finds a perfect home, she will become a resident. She and Darlin are best friends.

So, no one can say we haven’t been busy!!

Pictured below is our new assistant Dave, a retired Veteran, and Dinah, our rescue donkey, on Dinah’s first ride in her life at age 10!! Way to go Dave and Dinah! As you can tell, Dinah is pretty mellow about this…going to sleep!

Enjoy the new and improved website and leave us any comments or suggestions.

daveand dinah


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