Support DONKEYTREK and Wonderful Sponsors!



A BIG thank you to our wonderful Sponsors:

Mountain Ridge Gear : AMAZING and durable pack gear!

Queen Valley Mule Ranch : Pack saddles and riding saddles that fit long ears!

Sox For Horses : Protective leg socks.

Mountain Chiropractic : These people just ROCK! GO THERE.

Medicine Horse Center : Therapeutic Riding in Mancos. Incredible advocates for humans and horses.

Hay Pillow : Slow feeders that WORK and that donkeys can’t destroy.



If you are interested in helping us during DONKEYTREK, GOOD FOR YOU!!! We truly appreciate it. Even a dollar helps!

Funds go towards:
Donkey Feed
Human Feed (mostly rice!)
Pack equipment, repair supplies
Farrier for donkey hooves
Veterinary care for donkeys during the trip
Emergency supplies

Want to help but can’t donate?
Our wish list includes:
1. Gift Cards to Colorado Feed Store like Big R or Murdochs–so that we can buy timothy pellets and low starch grain on the trek. BIG R GIFT CARD:
Murdochs Gift Card:
2. Gift Cards to Wallmart:
3. Gift cards to City Market:
4. Places to stay! If you are on our route, a warm place to stay and a shower are very appreciated! The donkeys would love getting off the highline for a bit too if you have a SAFE paddock that you could allow us to use for a night.




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